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      Jiaxing Ganland Auto Parts Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializes in designing and producing different types of machinery parts for trucks and other commercial vehicles. With our strong technology strength, our main range covers many series, which have hundreds of models and thousands of types, like Van Trucks, Cab Trucks, Wing Trucks, Fence Trucks, Trailers, Containers, Refrigerated Trucks, Thermal Trucks, Engineering Vehicles and other comercial and special vehicles. Our main products include trailer door lock system, door hinge system, door seal, dooe retainer, buckle, roller, e-track, winch, euphroe, buffer, folding step, lashing ring and other locks, hooks, latches, wrenches, aluminuim sections and container corner fittings etc. Further, Ganland can produces the products according to customized techincal drawing and samples.  Ganland products are exported to over 60 countries and regions, and have gained a good reputation through quality.


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